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3rd International Operations and Supply Chain Management OSCM 2009
Dec 9th ?11th 2009. SCP Academy is the official sponsor for this event. For further information, visit

“Asia Supply Chain Forum?nbsp;
SCP Academy in collaboration with Unisel
Jun 2009

Residential Module for Executive Diploma students
Aug 2009

Supply Chain workshop
May 2009


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Asia Supply Chain Forum

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Our Partners

 Universiti Utara Malaysia
Universiti Industri Selangor
College of Business UUM




Having acquired the expertise in Supply Chain Management has enabled SCP Academy’s appointment by Universiti Utara Malaysia as an authorized education provider for the following programmes:-

MBA Supply Chain Management

Executive Diploma Supply Chain Management
Executive Diploma Business Logistics
Executive Diploma Business Administration
Executive Diploma Global Business Operation
Executive Diploma Business Operation

SCP Academy takes pleasure to conduct the academic programmes offered by this distinguished university.


MBA Supply Chain Management 


Fully accredited by MQA and recognized by JPA

The number of qualified managers needed to plan, implement, coordinate and control the complex supply chain networks in today’s highly comprehensive market is increasing dramatically. The attractive and comprehensive Master of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management [MBA (SCM)] programme offered by the College of Business, UUM provides the knowledge to operate at the very top and simply keep up with the competition. 

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is concerned with linkages from the basic supplier to the ultimate customer. In practice, efforts have been made toward breaking down the barriers that may exist between the different elements of the supply chain system that cause slower responses to a customer’s needs. In any business, slower responses could reduce the organisation’s competitiveness. Therefore, good management of the supply chain becomes crucial. 

Admission Requirements 
• A bachelor’s degree with Honors from a university recognized by the University Senate, or
• A bachelor’s degree with at least 3 years working experience, or
• Other qualifications that are recognized by the University Senate. 

Programme Structure 
This programme comprises 42 credit hours, which consist of: 

Core Courses (30 credit hours)
EEG 5013 Managerial Economics
JMP 5023 Operations and Technology Management
JMP 6023 Supply Chain Management
KBM 5013 Management Accounting for Managers
MUL 5063 Ethics, Law and Corporate Social Responsibility
PMM 6013 Marketing Management
PMN 6023 Strategic Management
PMN 6043 Leadership in Organization
QQP 5023 Decision Analysis
WFM 5013 Corporate Finance

Elective Courses (6 credit hours) 
JMP 6113 Supply Chain Logistics
JMP 6213 Supply Chain Planning 
JMP 6223 Supply Chain Design 
JMP 6233 Supply Chain Strategy 
JMP 6243 Supply Chain Dynamics

Business Field Project (6 credit hours)
PMZ 6996 Business Field Project

This programme is offered on a full and part-time basis with completion being possible from between 18 to 30 months

Tuition fees is RM 470 per credit hour (a 20 – 30% higher fee is levied on foreign 
One semester student are advised to take 2 courses: 2x 3 credit per course= 6 credit
Fees per semester: RM 470x6 credit = RM 2,820
Whole program 42 credit 

Total program Fees: 42 credit X RM470 = RM19,740

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